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Thank you, Brides!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the lovely brides I've worked with this past week.

It isn't a easy job by any means creating something as detailed as a wedding cake. So many aspects to getting the job right from perfecting the recipes to lining the cake tins perfectly so there are no bumps in the finished cakes. The weather also effects both the baking and fondent setting not to mention making the delivery extremely difficult.

My favourite part part is the decorating. It gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction to sit for hours adding the special touches that bring it all together.

So again thank you to the brides. Not only this weeks brides, but the brides in general that trust in us without extra pressure that all of us wedding Industry people go through week after week trying to create perfection for your special day.

Regards Karen Hill

Owner and manager of Wedding Cake Art

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